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Web Development
Ui/Ux Design
26.528099 -80.076363 Based In Boynton Beach, Florida
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Ricardo Sullivan

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I took my first computer science course in High School and learned the basics of Java, but before that I had already been scripting bots to play World of Warcraft for me. At the time I had a small operation of 6 accounts that would farm overnight. I built a site to sell the currency, learning the basics of HTML + CSS at around the age of 13. By no means was I fluent, and mostly got by on the work and tools created by others, but I was awakened to the idea of " Being able to Create without Material Costs" that has fascinated and driven me in this Hobby + Career to this day.

Web Development

Take a design or sketch and turn it into your vision.

Ui/Ux Design

Custom workflows that simplify the users experience.


Need help creating a look/ feel for your company?


Online shopping, Rentals, Inventory managment.

Design & Developer

Adept in many languages and template syntaxes. When focused I wont look up until my task is completed, nor will my mind rest if there is a hurdle to jump.


Design Skills

Fluency of tools and skillsets used in my design proccess
01. -

After Effects



Developer Skills

Coding language familiarity and services used in my developing process. Not listed are the countless frameworks/ tools/ languages / syntaxes I've tried and tested but dont use them professionally. Mithril, Elm, Serverless AWS, Horizon.js, RethinkDB, Angular, Angular 2, Handlebars
02. -

Spoken Languages

I grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts with an Irish father and a Mexican Mother, I am lucky to have had a native Bi-lingual approach to my up bringing.
03. -



My Resume //

About Me

I’m a computer person, a self learner that always tries to master his interests. My childhood dream was to become an inventor; my curiosity and persistence for trouble shooting has lead me down many paths few travel.

Reatro Ventures

2019 - Current
00. -

Full Stack Web Developer

Designed and developed a multitude of products, sales prototypes, websites, and analytic dashboards.

Maintained and expanded APIs directly integrating into Restaurants POS systems.

Developed The Government of El Salvador’s Covid Response website aiding in the delivery of their citizen relief program.

Made new features and fixed countless bugs in Reatro’s flagship software ARC (Affiliate Research Client) A radio CRM with integrated Neilson reporting & valuation

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Baral Group

01. -

Technical Director

Video Production Studio Technician. Maintained computers, setup office network for video editing with render clusters. Developed  several company related websites while employed there, and purpose built turn key hardware solutions for live multi-camera broadcasts.

  • Computer Maintenence and Diagnostics 
  • Web design and development
  • Production Operations, Lead Technician, Broadcast Distribution
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Delray Drones

2017 - Now
02. -


Founded with Partner, we have filmed, photographed and distributed  media for over 75 Residential Communities in South Florida. All in one solution to residential communities media and front-end.  

  • Web Development + Print Media 
  • Professional Photography + Video and editing
  • Quote clients constantly
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Special Needs Group

2018 - Now
03. -

Lead Developer

Creating Company’s webportal and distribution software (Under Current Dev). As well as being the first point of contact to direct the company on its technical needs.

  • Web Development + E-Commerce
  • Custom Wordpress Theme Creation from PSDs
  • Custom solution to Rental Distribution for Specialty items + bookings WorldWide

Invented "OnAirGFX"

04. -

Developed + Invisioned

Created Live Broadcast Overlay Graphics software. Using Node, JS, Horizon, Rethinkdb. Custom Built Api, After effects Expertise with Bodymovin/ Lottie.js. DB integration to save imgs, and previously used fields. CSV imports for roster data. API integration for live score feeds.

  • Web Sockets
  • Interactive and Real Time
  • Innovative Hardware-less solution to broadcast GFX
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